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Spatial geological data

Descoperire date spatiale in geoportalul IGR INSPIRE DISCOVERY SERVICES (Geocatalog)
Web services are services that enable a user to search for spatial data resources based on the content of the corresponding metadata. The metadata inform about the properties of the existing spatial data and services. A cross-border search and research can only be useful if the metadata is made available in a standardized manner.
The underlying standards are
ISO 19115 - for the description of the spatial data
ISO 19119 - for the description of the spatial data services
The standard for the realization of the discovery services is
OGC CSW Catalog Service Implementation Specification in version 2.0.2.
Geoportals (metadata)
Vizualizare date spatiale geologice in MapViewer INSPIRE VIEW SERVICES (MapViewer)
View services are the visualization of spatial data sets and offer the possibility to navigate in them, display them enlarged / reduced, to move the map, to overlay data and to display legend information. As interface for the technical implementation a WMS (Web Map Service) is used based on the OGC (Open Geospatial Consortium) Standard. A WMS can be integrated into your own applications platform independent. The Geological Survey of Romania provides the following INSPIRE View Services (Annex II):
Obtinere seturi de date INSPIRE Download Service
With the download services there is a direct access to the data. A user can download via download services geodata directly from data providers and process them. The data can be included in the standard GIS programs, regardless of manufacturer.